Salad Recipes

Spring fruit salad
PREPARATION TIME: 10 Minutes COOK TIME: 5 Minutes PREPARE INGREDIENTS -    Seasonal fruits: kiwi, orange, apple, banana: 1 each; grape: 5 -    1 cup of sweetened yogurt or 1 tbsp mayonnaise.   DETAIL RECIPE -    Wash all the fruits, let them drain. -    Cut all the fruits into small cubes. -    Put all the cut fruits into a bis bowl, then blend gently with yaghourt or mayonnaise. -    Serve right away, the salad may become crumbly soft to eat.
Vietnamese Fruit Salad
PREPARATION TIME: 5 Minutes COOK TIME: 5 Minutes PREPARE INGREDIENTS -    Yogurt: 1 cup unsweetened or non-flavored sweetened. -    3 – 4 tbsp condensed milk. -    ¼ of a avocado -    3 wedges of watermelon -    3 Pieces of papaya -    2 wedges of dragon fruit -    5 Grapes -    ¼ pineapple, chopped into pieces -    Crushed ice. DETAIL RECIPE -    Peel all the fruits and cut into equal bite size pieces. -    Put avocado, watermelon, papaya, dragon fruit, grape, pineapple alternately into a cup. -    Put crushed ice over the fruits. -    Pour yogurt on the ice and topped with condensed milk. -    Mix well and serve
Vietnamese Lettuce and Fruit Salad
This salad recipe is both quick and easy to make. You can also blend in most types of fruits that you like too. Suggestions include berries and mangoes. PREPARATION TIME: 15 Minutes COOK TIME: 10 Minutes PREPARE INGREDIENTS 1 red apple - Gala is recommended 1 pear 1 orange, peeled 2 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp White vinegar 1 lettuce 2 tsp honey DETAIL RECIPE 1 - Thinly slice apple, pear, orange, then mix well in a big bowl 2 - Blend olive oil, vinegar, and honey in a cup to make the dressing 3 - Pour the liquid over the fruits and lettuce to coat well and toss continuously 4 - Scoop to small dishes and decorated by chopped roasted nuts.