Offbeat Hanoi city tour

The first thing you will notice about Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is the traffic – horns blare as the locals zigzag on an endless fleet of scooters, while tour buses barrel in carrying a steady flow of tourists, ready to embrace the sights and sounds of this vibrant city. There certainly is plenty to enjoy!

We offer you to explore the city in an unconventional way. A unique process, not found anywhere else, that puts you in charge of editing your own tour according to your tastes. A complete private tour with a guide to help you catch a glimpse of Hanoian culture.

We put together four themes, and each theme gathers a list of must-visit addresses in Hanoi.
You will be offered a choice then, pick four different addresses in the themes that tease your interest the most.

Last but not least we partnered up with two Vietnamese men, proud owners of motorised auto rickshaws, otherwise known as tuk tuk, to drive you around all day. These two men are disabled due to unfortunate accidents during their youth, therefore we do not take any commission on their services, and the money spent for them goes entirely to them.

Tour code: VTD10E
Departure date: Everyday
Duration:  1 day
Destination: Hanoi, Vietnam.
Price USD: $ 72/ person
  • Theme 1 – Museums
    • Maison Centrale – Also called Hoa Lo prison Museum, built by the French during the 1890s to hold Vietnamese prisoners, particularly political prisoners fighting for independence.

      Vietnam’s Womens’ Museum – The country honours Women for their silent sacrifice and contribution to family life, agriculture and wartime. A wonderful visit throughout all five floors of the museum.

      Museum of Ethnology – Insightful preservation of the socio-cultural and daily life of the 54 ethnic minorities in Vietnam.

      The National Museum of Fine Arts – The National Museum of Fine Arts in Hanoi houses an impressive collection of Vietnamese artworks ranging from the ancient to the modern.
      Museum of Ethnology
      Vietnam’s Womens’ Museum
  • Theme 2 – Street Life
    • The Old Quarter – For those who visit Hanoi with a genuine desire to have a grasp of the city’s culture. A definitely must-go when visiting the city.

      French Streets – During French colonisation, architectural works reflecting the mark of Indochinese influence which still brings a unique beauty and also romantic fragments to the city.

      Exceptional Hanoian streets – Embark on a trip to discover a mix of Hanoian streets, all unique and rich of history.
      old quarter hanoi
      old quarter hano
  • Theme 3 – History & Culture
    • Le Mat Village – Famous for one particular activity: catching snakes! The village is also well-known for serving delicious dishes made from the reptiles.

      Van Phuc Silk Village – Renowned for its traditional weaving and premium quality silk products. Van Phuc is proud to be the most ancient silk village which provides the best silk in Vietnam.

      Dong Ky Village – A traditional wood carving village where visitors will be surprised at the beauty, quality and sophistication of the furniture made by "golden hands" of skilled craftsmen.
      Van Phuc Silk Village
      Dong Ky Village
  • Theme 4 – Street Food
    • In Hanoi the food is everywhere that you look and is an integral part of the livelihoods of many locals. The street is the stage where much of what is food-related in Hanoi takes place. Food can be found on the main streets of Hanoi, and down many of the side streets and alleyways.

      Come join us in this exciting journey in the heart of Hanoi!
      Street Food Hanoi
      Street Food Hanoi
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