Art Tour in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh city

The tour begins with a fascinating introduction at an art cafe and continues to The Fine Arts Museum and several small independent art spaces. This is a unique journey through the history of modern Vietnam told by its artists. Both tours give a deep insight into the development of art in Vietnam as well as giving an overview of the history.

Tours in Ho Chi Minh City are run by Sophie and Stuart, who have been in the arts community since moving to Vietnam in 2009. In Hanoi, the tour is run by Bill Nguyen, a Hanoian artist and curator and Fabiola who is an arts and culture journalist.

Questions answered Sophie, one of our tour guides.:

1. What did you do before arriving in Vietnam?
I worked for five years in development arts, using arts for education and also as a means to change people's way of looking at different cultures.

2. Why did you decide to talk about art?
Vietnam has an extraordinary visual culture. Art is a fascinating language, through which we can really see the relationships between people and their environments. Also, artists see the world differently, so it offers a truly unique perspective on a country with a fascinating but complicated history.

3. What is the difference between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city tour?
The two tours compliment each other and offer insights into the respective art scenes of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Both are the result of extensive on-going research gathering stories and experiences from local artists, curators, historians and arts professionals in both cities. We have designed them so you can take both tours.

4. What are next?   
My plan is to turn the story of the tour into a book, it will be a collaboration with several Vietnamese artists of all ages, and it will follow the history using sequential drawing, full page illustrations, photos and designs gathered from a rich visual tapestry of Vietnam.

Departure date: On request
Destination: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. Vietnam
Duration:  4 hours
Price USD:
                  - $350/ person (group 2-4)
                  - $280/ person (group 5-10)
General information:

- Tours run from 9am – 1pm,
- Tours including lunch can be organised upon request. We also offer a range of specialist tours including our Family Tour, Children’s Workshop, Student Tour and in Ho Chi Minh City we are currently developing an Architecture Tour.

Art Tour - Ha Noi: Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum - Art Galleries

You will join our Hanoi Art tour, to be taken deep into Hanoi’s art world, and to explore how the country’s history has influenced its artists over the years. The first stop will be the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum where you will see works from the French colonial period and both Indochina Wars. After that you will travel to Art Vietnam, run by a renowned American dealer who is dedicated to discovering exceptional artists who are singular and passionate in their expression,. After that you will visit several contemporary art spaces finishing at Manzi where the future of Vietnamese contemporary art will be discussed in a presentation.

Art Tour - Ho Chi Minh City: HCM Fine Arts Museum - Art Galleries

Meet at a café at 9am to enjoy traditional Vietnamese sweet coffee and have an overview of the tour.  View a private collection of works housed in a traditional Saigon villa by students who studied at the first French founded School of Fine Arts.  Innovative use of visual aids compares the striking similarities between Vietnamese students of the 1920’s to their contemporaries in Paris.

Continue to the impressive HCMC Fine Arts Museum, a stunning example of Sino-French architecture, to learn how artists have been tools of the government during resistance, revolution and reconstruction of a nation. The artworks from Northern and Southern artists before and after re-unification demonstrate how politics lead to Vietnam’s 90’s art market boom.

The last stop is a contemporary art gallery which works with Vietnamese and international artists nurturing experimentation and creating opportunities for emerging artists. Meet with the Director and talk about the current exhibition. End the tour with a final discussion about the future of Vietnamese art in an international context and what that means for the next generation of Vietnamese artists.
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