Day-tour in Ho Chi Minh city

Day-tour in Ho Chi Minh city reveals Saigon’s turbulent past and showcases the fascinating diversity of the city which appears to be ever evolving. The fusion of traditional and contemporary features give Saigon create a city full of intrigue and charm.

Departure date: Everyday
Destination: Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Duration: 4 hours
Price USD: $25 per person

Tour start in the afternoon: The Reunification Palace - War Remnants Museum - Ben Thanh Market
Firstly, you will visit Reunification Palace where, on April 30th, 1975, the Vietnam America War officially ended when tank number 843 of the North Vietnamese Army crashed through the building's gates.

Next, you will uncover more of the city's history at the War Remnants Museum. Formerly known as the Museum of American War Crimes, this is a poignant display of the futility of war.

The tour will now take in some of the lasting influences of Saigon's French colonial era at the Notre Dame Cathedral and Old Post Office. Both feature some of the best examples of classical French colonial architecture.

The last stop on this half day tour is Ben Thanh Market. This bustling market is very popular with tourists, primarily due to its central location. It has a wide variety of goods ranging from fake Nike shoes to beautiful silk Ao Dais. Our tour finishes around midday when you have the option of either being taken back to your hotel or staying at Ben Thanh Market.
adventure in Ho Chi Minh city
adventure in Ho Chi Minh city
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